Jugo de Naranja

bv2_balaybalay_grafico_inglesBalay is an Orange juice 100% made of fruit, natural, refreshing, nutritious and delicious, that inspires a healthy way of life in balance with nature.

100% Natural
Nature has awarded Balay with the best land for the production of oranges in the southwest of Antioquia in the mountains of Colombia. Where climate conditions create a particular micro-climate that allows the production of this fruit all year long. Our oranges are sweet and juicy, factors that allow the production of a Premium 100% natural juice.

100% Health and Wellbeing
Our juice is 100% natural, and healthy because it has no added sugars, conservatives or preservatives.
Also, it helps improve the quality of life because it saves time and effort in its preparation for consumption.

100% Flavor
Our oranges are cultivated and processed during the same day of recollection in order to guarantee maximum freshness, flavor and aroma.

100% Practical and convenient
Thanks to the latest technological developments in our Company and because of the process of pasteurization, Balay´s Orange Juice can be stored at room temperature for up to six months. Also, because it doesn’t require a cold chain it is easy to transport and store.